Shay’s goal is to help you find the purpose of your struggle.

Shay Hill is a proud native of Harlem, New York. After over two decades of suffering abuse at the hands of family members and years of feeling worthless, she decided to change her mindset from “I am worthless” to “I am meant to be.”

We live in a world that makes us question our potential, worthiness, and courage. These questions can make us either run away from ourselves, like Shay did, or draw closer to ourselves. Shay encourages listeners to embark on their transformation journey to conquer their challenges and believe—It’s Not Personal, It’s PURPOSEFUL!

Pursuing her dreams, Shay moved to California and earned her MBA in International Business and Marketing. It was during this time Shay identified the purpose of her struggles – share her experiences to help others find the purpose of their struggle.

Shay joined Toastmasters, and affirmed her dream by launching “Meant To Be.” Establishing Meant To Be allows her to pay forward the strength that others gave to her when she didn’t have any. Since then, she has been a public speaker at many venues, receiving raving reviews. Shay is eager to help millions of adults ages 22 to 35 conquer their challenges, unleash the person they are “Meant To Be” and believe – It’s Not Personal, It’s PURPOSEFUL!

Leaving the abusive household and choosing to ignore her pain, Shay found herself battling anxiety and depression. She noticed she was constantly hitting new lows and developing the thoughts and habits like her abusers. Feeling the sense of urgency, Shay claimed her new mindset “I am meant to be.” Claiming this mindset allowed her to pioneer a movement – committing to break over 3 generations of abuse, neglect, and betrayal.

Using the insight of self-improvement books and workshops, Shay created simple techniques that focus on releasing anxiety while embracing self-love and forgiveness.Shay’s techniques were proven to be successful during the time she served at various non-profit organizations as a Coach and Development Specialist. Her personal and professional development tools and strategies empowered adults to transition from dependence on government assistance to independence with full-time employment.

Shay’s self-paced techniques, allows each purpose seeker to spend as much time needed to make their transformation of pain into peace permanent. Get ready to conquer your challenges believe – It’s Not Personal, It’s PURPOSEFUL!