Without a doubt, I would recommend Shay Hill to people who need to build their confidence, especially women who are trying to escape a hostile environment. Shay helped to remove the common objection of fear that most people usually have about abuse. She engages the audience at the beginning and kept their attention. Shay helped the audience by having them repeat her three affirmations. This gave them confidence just like her delivery. The audience was encouraged to see beyond their challenges thanks to her candid stories of overcoming low self-esteem and limiting beliefs. Shay would be a dynamite keynote speaker at a Women Conferences/Workshop.

Jackie Bates

Shay’s affirmations helped me to stop speaking fear into myself. I highly recommend her to speak to others who are facing challenges needing relatable, powerful and practical words of encouragement. I’ve been debating whether to change my mindset and she inspired me to change. Shay also helped me to strengthen my faith in the midst of my current challenges. Even though my faith is being tested, Shay encouraged me to be resilient and believe in myself.

Nailah Murphy

Shay inspired me to relentlessly pursue my dreams despite my obstacles. She was confident, transparent and down to earth. My takeaway was even in my turbulent season there is still a lesson to be learned. I’m now determined to learn the lesson so I can unleash my best self and conquer my dream. Shay should definitely speak worldwide because it’s rare to hear people who came from a daunting struggle and rose up to become phenomenal.

Jamila Casteel

I can’t run from the different seasons in my life, I must face it and rise above; this was what resonated with me the most. Shay reminded me that I must have faith and trust that my trials and tribulations are designed to make me stronger. When I feel weak I have to ask myself – How bad do I want it? Shay inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and fight for my dream. I may go through tough times but I WILL make it to see better days.

Dontay McGee